Donating Food Pack In Ramdan

Holy Qur’an (57:18)

Indeed the charity-giving men and women, and those who lend an excellent loan to Allah – for them is double, and for them is an honourable reward.

Why Donate For Ramadan Food Pack

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Ramadan is a blessed month of spiritual joy and blessings. It is also a key month in which we should go even further to help those most in need. it is our basic humanitarian duty to assist by providing food, especially during this blessed month when the rewards of giving are multiplied. Providing food for those in need should be seen as a privilege and a blessing.

Ramadhan Food Pack

The Ramadan food pack includes a range of essential items and is designed to meet a family’s nutritional needs for the entire month. They include the impoverished, the elderly and disabled, orphan families, those displaced by conflict and refugees.

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Every Ramadan, we provide food security to thousands of families in need across Tanzania.

Families who are struggling to survive, their needs are accentuated during this blessed month when they might not have even basic foodstuffs for suhoor and iftar. Your support means the poorest and most vulnerable can share in the blessings of this precious month by having sufficient nutrition and by not having to worry about opening or closing their daily fast with.


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Every Ramadan, we provide food security to thousands of families in need across Tanzania.

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