Hope Foundation is a non-profit organisation working mainly in UK and Tanzania East Africa to strengthen humanity in the face of poverty and social injustice. We provide essential aid through our Ramadan Food Pack project and humanitarian relief through our Water Wells programme, while our HOPE MISSION deployments have distributed essential medical, educational and livelihood materials.

Through the provision of immediate relief and establishment of self sustaining development programmes, we aim to invest in real and effective solutions.

Work Passion

Our Vision

Our vision is for a brighter future where everyone has access to opportunity, education, health care, and other essential resources.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide hope and support to vulnerable individuals and communities through our website. We strive to raise awareness, empower individuals, and facilitate positive change for a brighter future.


Give With Compassion. Support Islamic Charity. Change Lives Today.


A third of the population is in poverty and the majority of the poor still rely for a living on agriculture, where economic growth has been slower. A lack of infrastructure and access to basic services continues to hinder rural development. As well as the rural poor, there are the problems of Aids and orphans – an estimated 1.6 million Tanzanians have Aids and 1.3 million children have been orphaned as a result of Aids – and malaria which is the highest cause of death among children due to drinking unsafe water.

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Join Us To Solve TheWater CrisisIn Our Lifetime!

Join the Hope Foundation in our noble mission to eradicate the water crisis within our generation! Together, let's make a meaningful impact by providing clean and safe water to those in need. Your support can transform lives and bring hope to countless communities. Join us today and be a part of the solution!

100% Donation Policy

We value people’s trust greatly, ensuring that every penny you contribute goes directly to the cause or project you’ve supported. When you donate for a water well, your money is exclusively used for its construction, labor, materials, and related expenses. None of it is allocated for administration, marketing, or generating additional funds. We’re grateful for your support, Alhamdulillah!